How To Do Face Cleanup At Home | Face Clean Up Beauty Tips in Hindi – फेस क्लीन करने के टिप्स

How To Do Face Cleanup At Home | Face Clean Up Beauty Tips in Hindi – फेस क्लीन करने के टिप्स

Today I am going to do a full face cleanup to remove tanning and get glowing skin in 15-20 minutes using all the household products.
Beauty Tips in Hindi. Watch face clean up beauty tips in Hindi. Watch beauty tips in Hindi by beautician Sonia Goyal. घर पर फेस क्लीनअप करने के आसान टिप्स हिन्दी में देखिये.

This youtube tutorial of beauty tips in Hindi by beautician Sonia Goyal gives you some easy DIY tips to do face clean up or cleansing at home which is an essential and important step for healthy and clean skin. Clean up provides proper blood circulation to your skin leading to a rosy and pink complexion.

It is not feasible to go to beauty parlor every time for small activities because beauty parlor visits take your lot of time and are generally expensive too.

So watch these beauty tips in Hindi and try to spare some time twice a month to give your facial skin a good face clean-up at home which paves way for healthy skin!
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Ingredients Used In Scrub:
1 Tbsp : Gram Flour
1 Tbsp : Sugar
1 Tbsp : Lemon Juice
Mix All Ingredients with Raw Milk
Ingridients Used In Massage:
1/2 Banana
1 Tbsp : Tomato Juice
1 Tbsp : Honey
Ingredients Used In Face Pack:
1 Tbsp: Ayur Face Pack
Mix With Rose Water

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