Sporty Fashion Looks: Latest Fashion Trends (Fashion Tips in Hindi)

Sporty Fashion Looks: Latest Fashion Trends (Fashion Tips in Hindi)

Athleisure is one of my favourite fashion trends. Wearing comfy clothes and being fashionable at the same time is the greatest gift of this trend! Right? Athleisure basically means wearing sporty clothes outside of the gym. And no, sporty clothes does not mean the sweatpants you wear to get groceries. There are loads of options available that you can wear to any event. Read on to know more!

1. Pants

Athleisure pants are like dressy leggings! Most of these have coloured stripes on each side of the leg. Pair these with a comfy white t-shirt and throw on a jacket or cropped hoodie to complete the look. Athleisure pants are also available in a wide leg cut. These look great paired with high heeled booties.

2. Tops

Most of your basic t-shirts with a round neck are good enough for athleisure. If you want to experiment further, you can try cropped t-shirts and pair those with high rise pants. Cropped hoodies in lightweight material is another good option for athleisure top wear.

3. Dresses

T-shirt dresses are very popular and you can get these in sport patterns or cuts. Dresses with hoodies are another option of sporty dresses.

4. Skirts

Sporty skirts are a thing! Amazing right? These look similar to the sporty pants with coloured stripes on the sides. Paired with the right top you can wear these skirts for any occasion.

5. Accessories – shoes, bags, etc

Athleisure is not limited to clothes only. You have so many different accessories to add to your daily look. Firstyl, sneakers! Due to this athleisure trend, it is perfectly okay to wear sneakers with every kind of outfit. What’s more, these sneakers are available in a lot of trendy colours like white, baby pink, baby blue, etc. Take your pick and keep trending!

Apart from shoes, you even add sporty bags to your look. Cute mini backpacks are a huge trend to try right now.

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